All modules of the family s7000, M7000, M9000 are available in compact plastic case with mounting on standard 35-mm profile DIN-rail. At the top of the shell are terminals for connection of sensors and controls. At the bottom of the hull located terminals to connect the power supply circuit, interface circuit, as well as sensors and controls. Switching set of elements depends on the type of module. In a series of modules s7000G provides galvanic isolation 1000V; exchange rate of up to 115 kbps, supply voltage +15 ... +36VDC, operating temperature range -5 ... +50C.

Modules M7000 series are a continuation of the direction of the family s7000. In devices M9000 uses a new concept of designing devices that make them more universal. All modules series M7000 and M9000 provide for a galvanic isolation 1000V of input and output circuits. M7000 series modules feature is their low cost with acceptable performance characteristics.

Modules Series M9000 positioned as universal devices with high performance computing, high speed exchange and accuracy. The characteristics of these devices allow for the automation of CNC machine tools.

All devices are designed for use in automation systems and therefore can operate in harsh industrial environments, including the presence of electromagnetic fields, and substandard power. For increased reliability and prevent hang-in modules used twice watchdog timer (software and hardware). The presence of two watchdog units provides increased reliability of the entire system. More detailed information about a particular device can determine from the documentation.