Activities, contacts

The main activities of the company "CONIS Lab":
▪ technical consulting APCS;
▪ development of control algorithms and software for process automation;
▪ design and manufacturing of software and hardware process automation (SHA);
▪ supply of industrial computers and SHA for APCS;
▪ installation of process computer control systems.

A wide range of technical means of automation offered by our company, allows integrator to implement the optimal choice for solving problems APCS.


Free programming, adapting products to the requirements of the problem to be solved provide a broad versatility of modules and allows them:
▪ for production control food, chemical, heat power, etc;
▪ for facility management of residential and industrial buildings;
▪ for the smooth management of pumping stations in distributed systems;
▪ to control fans, pumps, compressors, refrigeration machines, presses, NC machines;
▪ to control electric lighting, heaters, doors, gates, awnings.

Our advantages:
▪ wide range of microprocessor-based modules import element basis from domestic producers;
▪ open programming technology to support the software of foreign manufacturers;
▪ technical documentation in russian;
▪ problem solving for all industries with the help of our partners - systems integrators.

Office hours

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