Description Note Size
1. Conversion module interface signals. Guide. (russian-language) for S7510, S7510G, S7520, S7520G, M7520, M9562, M9564, M9565 2,16M Download
2. Modules of discrete input-output. Guide. (russian-language) for S7043, S7043G, S7050, S7050G, S7053, S7053G, SDI8G, SRO4G 1,23 Download
3. Modules of analog input-output. Guide. (russian-language) for S7017, S7017G, S7018, S7018G, S7020, S7020G, S7024, S7024G 1,86 Download
4. Control modules. Guide. (russian-language) for S7386- 1,01 Download
5. Programming environment UltraLogik32. User's Guide. (russian-language) used for programming the control modules 6,93 Download
6. Description of COM and OPC server UltraNet32. (russian-language) - 345 Download
7. Description of data collection and data visualization system UCS. (russian-language) - 1,54 Download
8. Calibration chart for thermometers of resistance and thermocouples. (russian-language) - 178KB Download