Description Note Size
1. Utility for setting up and configuring modules of the distributed information gathering - 12,6 Download
2. OPC server for the distributed modules of information gathering - 17,6 Download
3. Drivers for input-output control modules for s7386- 274 Download
4. Demo version development environment application of control algorithms UltraLogik32 (v.57) - 6,00 Download
5. Development environment of control algorithms UltraLogik32 (v.71) - 5,79 Download
6. Test sample application management software developed in the environment UltraLogik32 for s7386- 1,35 Download
7. Sample SCADA-system developed in the environment UltraLogik32 for PC 3,75 Download
8. Description of installation application on control modules. (russian-language) for s7386- 1,00 Download